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Car Insurance
Automobile Insurance

Merritt Insurance Services wants to help you with automobile insurance to protect you and your family in the event of an accident or other loss. We want to make sure you have coverage for injuries and damages caused by an accident as well as the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it is damaged or stolen.

Merritt Insurance Services is committed to serving you. We provide unparalleled customer service with insurance police reviews, new insurance polices, or free/no obligation quotes. We are dedicated to provide value for your insurance dollar by looking for discounts where available such as: multiple cars, anti-theft, safety equipment, safe drivers, good students, and more.

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What We Insure:
  • Standard Auto
  • Non-Standard Auto
  • Classic Cars
  • RV
  • Motorcycle
  • Watercraft

Which Coverage Is Right For Me?

While saving money on auto insurance is important, you should consider what might happen in case of an auto loss. Many times a small additional cost in premium would pay big dividends with accident related expenses. What this means is lower premiums will cost you more out of pocket cash when there is an accident. It is very important to get the right coverage before an accident.

What Sets The Cost Of Insurance?

Many things effect the price of your automobile insurance such as the type of vehicle you drive, your driving record, where you live, and how much you drive. And of course the coverage, deductibles and limits you select will determined the final overall cost. Your age, gender, marital status, and sometimes certain credit characteristics can also be used when determining your auto insurance premium.

What Merritt Insurance Can Do For You

With all these factors in mind choosing the right coverage and deductibles can sometimes be overwhelming. We want to find the right balance between coverage and price that fits your needs and pocketbook. That’s where our experience and knowledge of the industry comes in, and we will find that perfect balance for you.

Things That Will Effect My Policy:

Adding a Teen Driver

Let us help walk you through the maze of adding a new teen driver to your policy. Although premiums typically increase when a teenager is added, there may be ways you can save money with discounts. You might also want to consider a personal liability umbrella policy, which provides an additional layer of protection and is extremely affordable.

New Or Different Car

While shopping for a new car, remember that your premium may be affected by factors such as vehicle safety rating, and any special features such as anti-theft devices. Call us before you buy your next vehicle for an auto insurance quote. This will give you an idea of how much you'll pay if insurance will be a factor in your decision.


Insurance will be the last thing on your mind when you're newly married, but now is a great time to combine policies with Merritt Insurance Services. Combining policies typically lowers your cost, simplifies your insurance billing, and may help you qualify for additional discounts. This is also a good time for a complete insurance review to discuss all of your insurance needs.


If you're moving you can simply update your current policy with the new address. You will not need a new auto policy unless your moving out of state.

Change Of Coverage Or Deductibles

Life happens and things change, and you may need to increase your level of protection or lower your premium. That's why we want to help you add or remove coverage, or change coverage limits/deductibles after you've received your policy. We are here to serve you with all your insurance needs.

Insurance for your collector car

Don’t forget about that antique or classic car. We can help give it the protection it deserves with specialized antique car insurance.

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