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Workers Compensation
Receive a comprehensive Workers Compensation program for years to follow

Workers compensation ranks as one of the highest premiums of business insurance, however, it is also one of the most vital protections for the employer/business owner. We want to make sure you receive the most cost effective and comprehensive workers compensation program not just for this year but for years to follow.

Merritt Insurance Services will place your business with an insurance company experienced with your industry. You as a business owner will benefit by receiving a competitive premium for services rendered. When matching your company with a workers compensation provider, your agent will evaluate the premium differences and place your business with a carrier that can provide services such as safety training, back to work programs, and proactively managing injuries. In doing this, your workers compensation premium will ultimately be lower due to fewer claim incidents and lower paid expenses. Our goal is to create a very solid and profitable insurance company to client relationship.

Merritt Insurance Services can offer a customized plan for your business including but not limited to:

*Guaranteed Cost: A flat premium is paid based on employee payroll and policy period.

*Loss Sensitive: Premium is adjusted based on actual claims paid for the policy period.

*Dividend: A flat premium is paid. The insurance company awards a return premium based on profitability.

We will not disappear after the sale. Our agency continues to help you by periodically reviewing your claims history to ensure claims are being managed appropriately. We will also review your experience modifier calculations to verify for accuracy and avoid overpayment of premiums. This type comprehensive service set Merritt Insurance above the rest.

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